Okay sooo.....I'm feeling guilt. I emptied my used shampoo bottle so I can re-use it and store my homemade rice toner. (Rice toner is the liquid you collect from scrubbing the rice and use it for beauty purposes like a toner.) But the thing is, I completely forgot about it until now and it's been like two whole months since the last I used it. So when I opened it up and poured it down the drain, the smell was AWFUL! Smells like rotten food. So I stopped pouring it immediately and poured it outside so it won't stink up the house. But omg was I stupid or what. I should of poured it further from my house. Now there are flies flying around the smell and the smell is strong. So I fetched some sink water to pour it over the dead smell. Some of the smell did go away, but I can still smell it. I'm afraid my parents, especially dad will find out the horrid smell and I'm going to get in trouble. I can lie about it but the guilt will remain until the smell is gone! I hope no one says anything about the smell!!! xP
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Aug 16, 2014