The Shallowness Of Man

At one point or another, I've felt guilt on account of my actions usually tied to my hormones. Being the kind of person who wants a deep, meaningful relationship; it can feel like that clashes with the natural of my hormones who want quick satisfaction ASAP with the relationship be damned. Once I compared hormones to bullets to a great friend of mine - saying that hormones don't care who gets hurt or hit the minute they come out of the barrel. Emotions are the conscience for and of hormones, at least that is how it is supposed to be. The heart is supposed to govern the loins, not be a slave to them. But I won't shame myself further and not admit to having shallow moments. Not admit to sexually sizing someone up either on the street or if I see a colorful or provocative picture of them on EP. Moments like those, I do feel guilt for falling prey to the most basic of biological desires which is to mate.

Then later my conscience kicks in and I remember why I am holding out - what I am holding out for. I remember the dream and that in spite of my own claims to the contrary - I have survived 27 years living, breathing sweating for this dream. I won't give up now.

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4 Responses Dec 22, 2009

These are primal urges that have been ingrained in us for survival. As a male, you are preprogrammed to want to have sex with every female that looks like she could be good for child bearing. There is nothing you can do about your desires. I don't know your age, but men are extremely horny in their teens and early 20's. Are you trying to not have sex at all?

Think you should talk more to women, you may find someone who has the same urges and desires as you.

Ahhhh bit clearer now, I thought it was the ideas that went with looking, didn't realise you followed them through. Same principle still applies though I suppose, if you hold back too much you may miss the one you are looking for. Sex is built into us, or there wouldn't be 6billion of us.<br />
Sent my suit to the dry cleaners.

Mate, it's OK to look at women, it doesn't mean you don't respect them in fact they often want you to look. There is a difference between looking, an admiring glance, and staring or ogling, that is disrespectful and would be breaching your code of ethics. <br />
If you don't look, approach and chat you will find it hard to meet the 'right one' and you may even miss her. Your hormones are there to push you in the right direction and the guilt is there to steer you on the right path. Look but remember why you are looking and follow what you believe.<br />
Can I have an invite to the wedding!