I'm Abused Everyday By My Own Family

And there's nothing I can do about it. Today my sister tried to kill me again. After dealing with this nonstop for a month. I called the cops like people been telling me. They did nothing but said "your sisters get along"!
I knew the cops would be worthless.
There is nothing I can do about this. I tried everything. I can't lead a normal life. Everytime I leave my room I'm threaten and yelled at. I'm a prisoner in my own home. She's a sadist monster. Telling me she can't wait till I finally die. Puts bleach into my drinks. And thinks all of this is funny, And there's nothing I can do about this.

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+what about your mom and dad are they there talk with them if you have to can you move to a friends house for awhile you deserve better i would tell her if she does not stop you are going to do what you have to to defend yourself from her do what you must but try to get out she needs to be straightened out soon its wrong to abuse anyone especially a family member . vinny

I tried to go to one, a month ago. They said they couldn't accept me because of my bad health. I tried getting SSI. I told them what was happening to me. And how I don't have any food. They declined me! I'm so upset and mad. They didn't even care. They didn't even want to give me food stamps. I feel so alone and hopeless. It's such a lonely isolating feeling. To know you are completely alone. And there's no help. There's no words to describe how dead I feel inside. <br />
I want to thank you for commenting and your friendship. When you spend every minute locked and a room hiding from your abusive sister. This is your only time to have human contact.

That is absolutely horrific. I am so sorry you have to deal with this...especially all alone & with no one to turn to. But please stay strong. I know that probably seems like the hardest thing to do but I know you can do it. Just don't give up. I agree with octaviaslady, you should try going to a women's shelter. & if you're worried for your cat you can try to bring him along & if they won't let you keep him there you should take him to an animal shelter. It sucks that this is the life you had to start out with, but if you stay strong & don't give up, you can make it through this & still have the opportunity to lead a wonderful life.

I know nothing of god. I wasn’t taught anything about things of religion nature. So I don’t understand what praying is, or how can it help. There’s no way calling a tv program going to work. The cops didn’t believe me. Why would a tv show. It’s my word against there’s. No one believes one person, when there’s 5 other’s lying about something else. I desperately need a friend. Some one who can vouch for me.<br />
I’m so desperate to get out of this hell. I’ll do anything. If anyone live in the NY area, and needs any help cleaning, cooking something I can do to live with you for a while. I’m so desperate I’m asking strangers online for a place to stay. It’s so bad I think about killing my self, so I won’t have to be tortured any more. <br />
I beg and beg for her so stop. I tell her I love her and please stop hurting me. But she just laughs and tells me she wants me dead. I’m such a sensitive person and can’t understand how can anyone be this way. But this isn’t anyone this is my flesh and blood. Please if anyone has the room and can help me. I’ll be so thankful. Any job I’ll take.

your story istruelysadiwishiworkicouldhavesent u some money right away, but please call this television programme as someone suggested , keep trying dont give up , cos when u give then its over, try to get something to do go to your government offices and explain what u r going through if possible cry and the best solution pray and cry to GOD about what u r going through and ask him for a way out he will surely, GOD be with you, you r in my thoughts n prayers

I don't have money. I don't have friends. I'm completely alone in the world. I called the cops again they didn't help me, plus they thought the whole thing was funny. I hate the cops and will never trust one ever again. I'm a adult so social services don't care. I've gotten so sick this pass year from the stress I don't think my heart can last another year. I'm almost completely blind and there's not much I can do with out help. but there's no one to help me. My mother even told me and my face that she doesn't care if I live or die. I just wish there was a pill I could take that would take my life. So I wouldn't have to be any more pain.

don't you have money to move out?

Where are you parents in all of this? Do they just sit there and allow this abuse, or are they also abusive?<br />
If you are under age you need to call Social Services, talk to a social worker about the abuse. It's hard to believe that the police would not help you. Get out of there, this is terrible abuse. Take care and I hope you find a way out fast.

we all support you and wish you the best of the lucks =)

Thank you. You're words are very inspirational, I been trying just that. I'm just hoping it works and I'll get out of this hell.

can you sue her or something? i mean there must be a way law can work against her..<br />
she could get a barring order (requires that the violent person leave the family home. It also prohibits the violent person from using or threatening to use violence against you and/or any dependent children. The court can direct the respondent not to attend at or in the vicinity of, or watch the place where the applicant and dependents reside. This order can be granted for up to 3 years in the District Court) or other restraining order. you need to seek help in court<br />
and if you have someone you could stay with take your cat with you

with that mentality is a wonder you are still alive girl, if this kid tells you there is a show that can help you, CALL THEM!, they will help, and if you don't try, you are practically commiting suicide =/

Your wrong. She will help.

Thank you. I doubt there see me as inportant enough to help. I really should get a video first.

You can call Jane Velez Mitchell. she has her own show " Issues with Jane" She is an advocate for women and a recovering alcoholic. She will be outraged that no one is helping you. And guide you in the right direction.

My parents knows what she does. They don’t care. I’m not there favorite kid. So it doesn’t matter to them. I need a way to get some money to buy a video camera. I been working on it though.

Where are your parents dear? Do they know what is going on? Is there anyway you can get a video of what she does so at least you have some proof?

damn ... you are really in problems my dear ... how old are you?, don't you have a job or something?, becasue really, run away is your only option =/

I really wish I had somewhere to run off to. I called a shelter and they couldn’t accept me cause I have bad asthma. O_o<br />
And that they only take women hiding from spouses. <br />
There is really nothing I can do. Everything I try just blows up in my face. I called the cops a second time. After she put rat poison in my drink. They didn’t care. They was arrogant and didn’t care at all. They where actually laughing. I don’t trust cops no more. It’s insane if this was a male doing this kind of behavior he would of got arrested. They don’t care cause it’s a female.

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yep give it a try :)<br />
<br />
or take up a martial arts and learn to defend back .<br />
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you are helpless, you msut decide, keep living like that, or run like hell with some random guy, or search for protection, there must be palces that can accept you if you tell autorities about your situtations, but youcan't keep living like that, jsut get the hell out of there, take your cat with you, and forget forever all comfortability from your home, it'll be a hard life, but at least, it'll be a life

give it a try hun . you will never know if you do not try.

I guess I could try that. But with all the things I tried all ready. I really don't think they will help me.

I agree with Octaviaslady. Abuse is abuse, whether it be from a spouse, a partner, or a relative. Please seek help - you've endured for far too long already. Your mental and physical health is the first priority!

This might sound crazy, but try a battered women's shelter. This is what they're for- women who are abused by someone they are living with. Your profile says you live in NYC, which means there are a ton of social services near you if you can just get a hold of them. Best of luck- we're on your side!

There was never a trigger. I stay in my room all day to keep away from the crazy. She's just a sadist. She enjoy seeing people in pain. I have to wait till 5am to even shower. And even then she will break the door down and attack. I was bleeding so much and all she does is laughs and say i can't till you die so I can have you're room.

I really wish there was someone I could stay with. But even if I did had someone to stay with, if I leave she would kill my cat!

What the heck?! That is out of order...and I hate it when I hear stories like this where the police won't or perhaps more accurately can't do anything.<br />
<br />
Is there anyone you can stay with? Like a friend or another relative? It's a good idea to get away in the interest of your own self preservation before more damage is done. You shouldn't have to put up with this.

3 years. It used to be my other sister doing the abuse. It's like they Switched.