People Seem To Not Let Me Say What I Want To Say

either at home, I get fired back, if i complain i get told " i complain all the time" if you can't complain it is kept bottled up inside and makes your anger worse for later days. Then when i go to post to my friends all I get is oh dont say that, or dont think that way. I am about to go out of my mind here. Im getting close to talking to myself. sad thing is I dont think my mind has the time for it lol
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4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

thats right its getting out what is in my head is that so wrong :)

I think you need to do whatever keeps you sane - whether that means writing in a diary, or writing stories here on EP, or finding somone new to talk to. I've learned that you can't force people to listen to you, you have to wait until someone offers you their attention. <br />
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You are entitled to your feelings, and your opinions. Sometimes though, people get caught up in trying to cheer you up, or think that is all that is required of them, they forget you might actually need to talk, or share your thoughts, or just vent a little.<br />
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Hang in there.

thank you glad someone else agress with me

I get that a lot too. I get the well-meaning "you should talk about yourself more", and "don't bottle things up", but when I actually try and find someone to talk to they either don't understand what I am talking about, or don't understand why I am trying to talk to them about it. <br />
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*shakes head* people are so contradictory....