I Don't Know...

I have this one friend whom I have gotten extremely close to within the last four or five months. We began to trust each other a lot, and one night he had told me that he had not been feeling very well, not physically, but emotionally. I told him that he could tell me anything at any time in the day. He was hesitant because he had never told anyone about his experiences, what had happened to him, because he felt like no one could possibly understand what he had went through. I insisted that he at least talked about it, it would make him feel better. Once more, I told him that my ears were open to listen to him. He finally agreed, but still I was forced to wait.

From that point I had felt helpless, but eventually he had called me and told me what had happened to him. I felt horrible not only because of what he had gone through, but because I had no words of encouragement to help him. I offered small pieces of advice that probably wouldn't have done much. He insists that I had helped simply by listening to him, but in response I insist that it is not enough.

Whenever I talk to him, I feel so useless because I feel like I can't do anything to help him. I want him to find someone else out there that can help him so much more because he deserves so much better than that.
SuikaGirl SuikaGirl
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010