I Think

I think I'm bi cuz i think women are sexy and i love to watch them having sex. I never been with a women before or kissed one ever. I just love how their body's look. I Don't know if i want to get wit a women to c what it's like but if i don't I'm not going to have sex wit them(i think) I don't know why.  I'm  stressing out cuz of this. I do feel helpless cuz i don't know what to do or think
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1 Response Aug 20, 2007

i've been where you are now, trust me, eventually the "problem" will fix itself. u may find someday that you want to be with a girl or you may find that ur not really into it. i'm not saying that it's wrong, i happen to think girls are hot! but u may not c urself with another female, prob b/c ur not really attracted to just women. "straight" women can see another girl and be attracted to them, but it prob stems from the femininity and the beauty that they see in them, or the feelings of wanting to BE them. but mainly, u should remember to be comfortable with urself and never do anything ur not ready for. . . take it slow, and time will tell. good luck, dear!