I know where this emptiness comes from: too many years being independent, traveling around, disconnecting from people and never connecting to family.

It is all nice and fine, and it is also a very safe approach, but it catches up with you sooner or later. Never having really played deeply the roles of daughter, wife, sister, mother has its impact. Well, yes, I have a family and I was married before but with no kids. Still, I was always evasive, running from one place to the other, weakening the roots, strengthening my independence.

I have a very active social life and intensive job, however there are always those times when I am alone and have to face this empty feeling.
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I seem to be walking down the same path as you have been. And I feel the pangs of loneliness too. Maybe we can still turn back and let more people into our lives?

You are spot on, desert frost. Actually, Hermann Hesse reproduces this trade-off so well in his book "Der Steppenwolf". I quoted him in one story:<br />
<br />
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It must get very lonely. On the plus side you have your freedom though. I mean, closeness to others can mean that they impinge on your life at times. While it can give you someone to lean on, they also lean back and not always at the best times either. So I suppose freedom and loneliness must be the trade off from being unemcumbered by others? What do you think of this?

Yes, and we forget to live the important experiences, the ones that can fulfill us in the long run.