Please Help!!! I Feel So Lonely About Still Being Single

Hi Everyone!

First, I want to ask for only 18 year olds and over to answer this question.

I wanted to ask for some opinions from you guys about an issue im having.  Im 20 years old and I have NEVER been in any kind of relationship before. I never kissed anyone and have never been really even close to dating anyone.  I feel like this will never change but I refuse to lower my standards and just "settle" for someone I don't like.  I don't understand why my life is like this.  I have to admit that I don't have too many friends and I don't go out a lot.  Im graduating in May with a BS in Family Studies and I have never even been to a college party.  I feel like im missing out.  Education is a HUGE thing to me and I am hoping that by working hard now, everything will be paid off later.  Im hoping to start the nursing program in August so Im looking forward to that but I feel like im really missing out on the "party" stuff in life.  I feel proud of myself and at the same time, I feel so depressed sometimes.  I am so sick and tired of being single.  Sometimes I even get uncomfortable being around a guy because im single and never experianced any intimacy with anyone.  I have been on a few dates with a few guys before but they all turned out to be complete loosers.  I feel like im not having any luck. 

Im also 6'2 which may explain why I don't get as much attention as other girls do.  Im not sure if being tall is considered a hot thing or not.  I don't like to brag but I think that im not too bad looking either which is why I am so puzzled by why I still don't have a boyfriend.  My palms get so sweaty when Im around guys because im so nervous.  What do I do? Can someone help me?  Where can I meet someone who is a decent person?

Thank you and take care :)

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Well...there are definitely men who love tall women, for sure! There will also be men who are intimidated by it. Not to sound like your Mom (which I am old enough to be, lol), but do you have good posture? That's something that's really important for tall women and sometimes a problem...and your posture makes all the difference in projecting yourself as a confident, poised person.<br />
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I know it doesn't feel like it, sweetheart, but you are very, very young and not having dated by your age is nothing to worry about. your age *tend* to be kind of stupid, in the sense that they're not matured yet, but there are plenty of wonderful ones too! It does sound like you need to pursue something recreational though...join a club - biking, writing, something like that, whatever interests you, so you can meet people - including men, lol - with whom you have something in common.

There was a boss who wrote a letter once that he sacrifice a lot just to get his business started. In the end after 20 yrs from scratch, he wrote during that time I didn't even have time to date. With 16 employees looking up to him, and those friends who partied and bought new car while he drove a piece of s@@@, now are getting laid off and have mortgage payments to worry about. Be proud of what your doing now, and DO NOT LOWER your standards. The right guy is out there and if he can't respect and support what your doing. Dump him.