Do you think if someone cared about you, they would try to talk to you, even if you told them to leave you alone?
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They would, if they are a girl.. but boys don't think the same. If you tell them to leave you alone, they will do. If it's about a boy, tell him directly what you I am mad at you I want to to try get me to forgive you. Men need it simples ;-)

this happened to me

why do you kids make everything so complicated...............?....................(smiling).x

maybe they decided to listen to you and respect your wishes, if they were not listening to you and not showing you any respect your question would read, "why does no body listen to me or show me any respect". :)

they most definitely will. they want to feel your problems as well, they want to know whats wrong and if they can do anything to help

not that either theres 2 types theres the i want to know if anythings wrong then theres the its best shes alone so she can think about everything kind

kinda confusing to me too i know

No problem

Jeez.... never knew that one... Maybe he wants to say sorry?. I can't really tell his motives at this point

Message me, you can tell me everything and I'll try my best to help you

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