Right now, I'm feeling bad.

I've tried very hard to get this one relationship to work, I've done almost everything I know to make it work.

I loved the person so much and wanted to try doing everything right for them.

But that person wouldn't even consider giving me another chance, which sucks. Since I learned a lot and became wiser.

And had a lot of positive energy to work with to build a more loving air and such.

Life's hard at times, huh? I hope I can meet someone to love soon, I do feel I am at my strongest and best when I have someone to feel safe with and plan my future a bit around.
Hyacinthas Hyacinthas
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Aw, if in doubt eat chocolate, if that doesn't do the trick role play with me, you know you should because im fabulous :)

Pfft. No chocolate at home, I think.
But I suppose I am a little hungry. I wonder what there's to eat.

I think you were supposed to go "Oh yeah! i love roleplaying with you lets do that! XD