No matter how many people i am around or how many people tell me they care about me I constantly feel alone and when i am actually alone i feel like i am losing my mind.  I have such a fear of being alone that it makes me always feel like i am even when i know that it is not true.  I constantly feel like i am a bad person and that i deserve to be alone forever. 
clancyfan clancyfan
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2 Responses Oct 31, 2006

I'm self-employed after teaching for 15 years. Teaching is a highly social profession, so now, even though I'm married, I feel very lonely most of the time. I don't think anyone ever "deserves" to feel alone or lonely, but I understand the feeling. You are not to blame if you feel alone or lonely. And aside from the pain, there is nothing bad or wrong about being alone or feeling lonely. That's just my two cents worth.

I feel alone too.