I am not usually a cynic and unless you are one of the many on the outside looking in, you are well aware of this. That being said, I have begun to feel hunted which by itself really is insane. I am the hunter, never really the hunted or the prey  .   .   . until now. See if this were in Philly or Jamaica or NC, or even as far north as Montreal; it would be plausible rather than inconceivable that someone with the looks of Miss P.  would come to me and say that I never called her. On the scale of flirtations, using a line like that is kind of a BIIIGGGG deal. That's like dropping an ace in a game of blackjack. The fact that she hasn't come since, leads me to believe I am safe for the moment but I've learned the hard way never to be lured into a false sense of security. In P-Town I am anything but the most desirable guy. I'm Mr. Reliable, the nice guy who is guaranteed to get left behind so he can be the wictim of a damsel in distress coming back to her home town and need a shoulder to cry on. Most women in this state would rather go lesbian(no offense SIS!!!) than have to deal with me on a physical or emotional basis. So that leaves me with the problem of finding out her motives. There's just no way she isn't coming with some kind of gameplan. If this were another scenario, I'd mix a bottle of Viagra and Everclear together and walk in brazenly inquiring of her intentions with balls that would have swollen to the size of grapefruits allowing me to pull it off with a Luther Vandross baritone or shrunk to the size of raisins having me murmur in a falsetto. So yes, I feel hunted and it's not quite a comfortable feeling.

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Jul 31, 2010