Time: 13:20 hours

Origin: Rogue's Guild

Destination: Darkangel Ministry

Mission Brief: Huntress

Word from contact codenamed 'Archangel' received. Huntress is on the prowl but the game is not supposed to be serious. Council has convened and decided that the Huntress must be dealt with and silenced in light of upcoming covert operations. The Fellowship has been already briefed regarding this affair and is taking action to ensure no agents or operatives in the field are compromised. Sanctions may need to be taken and that will fall under the umbrella of the Fellowship. The pure motives of the Huntress must be firmly ascertained and she must be made aware of the state of things. HBK has been tapped for this special assignment and will convey the message through the Archangel, answers are critical. The High Council of the Guild is not to be exposed under any circumstances!!!!

This ends communique. This message was brought to you by your friends from Degeneration X who would like to remind you that if you are not down with this; we got TWO WORDS FOR YA: SUCK IT!!!!!
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blah blah freakedy blah.. and your problem is? :P