This Doesn't Go Here, But Balls To It, Close Enough.

I think I know why I like this site. It's not like a forum where you have to make a whole new thread just to talk about yourself and then feel like you're up your own *** about your percieved self-importance. It's not like going up to somebody and saying "Hey, I need to talk about something" and then having the focus on you to come out with something profoundly interesting/engaging when all you really want to do is ***** and moan. Here, you can whine and wail all you want and there's a good chance no one will even notice. Even if you do get a response from someone it's not like you forcibly cornered them and gave them no option but to listen to your pointless drivel. And although you do still get the people who will shower you with flattery and clichés just to make themselves feel like a good samaritan, you're equally as likely to have someone call you a **** and then proceed to tell you exactly why you're a **** and should **** the **** off. Variety. It is the spice of life (<-- aforementioned cliché!)  

With that said, I would now like to whine. I feel hungover. I am tired, no matter how much sleep I get and it is really getting on my **** now. I am trying not to smoke, I am trying not to cut, apparently trying not to eat more than an allotted number of calories, but that's due to nausea and the automatic thought that jumps in and says "Hey, let's use this as an excuse to lose weight". The only other option I can think of is buying a bottle of wine and drinking it like grape juice. Or parachuting sans parachute...

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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Just read this after your favourite number one and it's the 77 view. Trite, I know, but as you say, these things follow us around.