Spiritually Dying

   Hello, I'm a 39 yr old mother of five beautiful children.  I have been through so much in my lifetime that I'm not sure how much more I can take.  I believe in GOD but I don't go to church.  I also have become a recluse due to all the things I've been through.  I know I'm a wonderful person but I don't feel too good at this time.  Let's see if I can give you all some insight.

  I live with my 20yr old daughter, my 18 yr old daughter , my 17 yr old son, my 8 yr old daughter and another daughter 10 and of course my significant other who is not affectionate, emotionally detatched ( at times ) and sexually non existant and when it is it SUCKS!. I am a passionate woman but I don't get the same in return.  My son is very disrespectful to all authority including myself, police, teachers etc...I've never taught my children that way and it angers me to see that.  My 20 yr old daughter is all about herself most of the time and I haven't taught them to be that way either.  My 18yr old daughter is the only one that seems to have it together. She is going to college in the fall and she is very respectful and gets mad at her siblings for treating me and others disrespectfully.  Right now I think I may be going through a midlife crisis b/c I can't take any more.  I get no love from anyone but my two little girls and my 18 yr old.  I get so much grief from the others that it affects everything else in a negative way.  I have no adult conversations with anyone, my significant other is incapable of having such conversations (sad), and I need to be stimulated in that way as well as others and I just feel like I'm dying spiritually. There's so so much more but it would take a series of books to finish however I would appreciate some wise and intelligent responses from those who are going through similar situations or have been through it.  I'm in need of some spiritual enlightment!!

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

call on the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!! and you shall be restored...

Well Sheryl, I am surprised that no one has responded to your plea for help yet as I am sure others have gone through similar feelings. I just became a member today and feel the exact same way you do and am desperately looking for help but I thought I might help you out seeing it's been a whole year and no one has responded to you. You need to get around some people that can relate and connect with you on the level you are searching for. However you choose to go about doing that is up to you but that would be how to bring your spirit back to life because right now you are being depraved of a basic need, love. Pull yourself back up if you have already given up and don't give up on you because you deserve to be loved!

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