Ok But Then.....?

so if you are not human i hope at least you have empathy for the human condition....actually this is a pretty strange topic for a story, 'cause we are apes says mr darwin...ummmm i am humane however & appreciate a good human...to paraphrase "caddy shack " "are you for goodness or for badness? anyway nice try....love, tessa

tessa tessa
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5 Responses Feb 18, 2010

hehee ok ...sso i was sstones when i wrotes that....

human trait not found in your gene pool? ok off to area 51 for you pal....come along quietly and we'll give you a wee bit of me old grannies apple pie

i didnt say i wasnt human i said i feel i dont belong so maybe you should read the story first rather than going on and making all these judgements < prejudice being one of the reasons i feel different, and the fact you cant ask me directly shows another typical human trait as well, nice try love

i must have been stoned when i wrote that,,,,lol

keep trying sweetie-maybe we will get it right. next time WE WILL GET IT RIGHT!