I Have No One Anymore

No one cares
I get awful stares
from those that were my friends

I used to be 
So carefree
My rope has reached the end

I know I should
And wish I could
Keep some hope alive

It's been too long
All good goes wrong
No matter how hard I strive

They turn their back
As I fade to black
And slowly die inside

They ignore my cries
And don't realize 
Just how hard I've tried

With much to give
And no reason to live
Maybe I should go

It breaks my heart
I'm torn apart 
Cuz no one would even know

This is just a poem I  wrote as I was sitting here realizing that not one person out there cares enough to even notice if I ended it or was gone,  before I get hated on for talking like this I want you to know that I am not planning on committing suicide although sometimes I think of it often, and it scares me.........I never thought I would reach a point in my life that dieing actually seemed like a god option,  especially when there are those out there that actually have to fight for their lives everyday,  it makes me feel terrible............I think I need help and may even check myself into a mental health hospital for a time until I can get back to myself even if I have to do it alone..........please comment anything that comes to mind,  I really need some feedback,  thank-you to all and I hope everyone is doing ok
Wonderfulinsanity Wonderfulinsanity
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2011

So sorry, I feel I will never be well. I feel I am human garbage. A sorry excuse for a man, and I know people would care if I died, and I know people would care if you died. Someone might miss your laugh, your scent, your poise, your insight, your dependability or whatever else you might offer. Maybe someone might miss the things you do that aren't your fave things about yourself.

I do know how scary it is to feel you want to die. The feeling of wanting to escape. So many things can plague us and I just hope my meds give me the cancer side effect so I can pass on, without it being by my own hand. My beliefs restrict me from suicide. It's going to just be such a long life.

thank-you, I am glad someone can relate to what I am saying and I would love to hear what you have done, I don't want to feel like this anymore