Stereotypes Ruin Me

I feel I don't matter in mainstream society and therefore in general, especially to my own gender. Reason being the ideal male is healthy, driven, unintimidated, informed, unemotional, often athletic or whatever, and thsn there's me. Of all these I might be at most informed, rarely driven and often very intimidated by other males. Athletics are like my rivals now as I neither have energy to play them nor interest/time to watch. I try to match what an ideal male should be but it just doesn't fit me, and then I look down on myself.

Lacking self-confidence rarely appeals too anyone, and honestly no attractive guy or girl is going to want me as his or her boyfriend. Realistically no confident straight guy would ever want to hang with me either. In fact they often give me a weird look and walk away.

So if straight guys only want straight or straight acting guys as friends. Girls only want confident guys as boyfriends, and attractive gay guys only want fun good looking guys then I am left with the gay guys nobody wants as friends or boyfriend. Hence, all of the ones nobodyes else looks well upon.

Can I help it if my personality is shy, and my hair is thinning?! FML let this one end and lets start the next one. If reincarnation were real my higher life form might be a slug or crayfish. I feel as low as a worm.
YeahthatsMylife YeahthatsMylife
26-30, M
Dec 10, 2012