And Now I Don't Have Any Either.

this is best for everyone. all friendships turn out to be disappointment and pain. if there was real love for me i'd of seen it and i didn't.

this is for the best because im not safe for them either. if they dont want to be there for me, if they dont want to be my close friends im letting them go. so now we arent friends. of course we can be "friends" but not any time soon. theyve hurt me, not intentionally. they are the best people i know. incredible people i wish i deserved to have in my life, that i could have their friendship, but ive come to realize, if they where meant to be my friends, theyd BE my friends. i drag them down and hurt them too, just as they do to me when i dont feel they are here. they shouldnt feel like **** just because they dont want to be here.

im unsafe for them, and they arent safe for me either. no one is. so if you are thinking about pming me, know not to expect a friendship from it.

i dont have any friends now, and for the first time, its by choice. it IS for the best. i feel so dead for ending the friendships but they will realize its no biggy that im not apart of them anymore.

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Jul 10, 2010