I Repress My Feelings And Dont Let Them Out

i only recently started feeling. as a child i stopped feeling as a way to survive. i never realized the power in human connection. but when i met this woman we had this special connection you dont find very often in life. it started a healing journey for me. including feeling again. but iam in a relationship. my first relationship. and i often repress my feelings pretend everything is ok even when it isnt instead of talking about them. i am trying to work on it though cause i realize now there is nothing wrong with feelings especially crying. and expressing them is so much more healthier than bottling them and repressing them. plus trying to stop cutting it is going to be vital to learn to do that though that is only one of the many reasons i cut. sometimes it can get so aggravating when he asks me how i feel to talk to him about how i feel. but i know he does it because he loves me and he wants to help and support me.
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2 Responses Mar 19, 2011

Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones, you appear to have found someone that wants to help and support you. I know it's difficult but try to let your barriers down and communicate with this person, talking about your issues will help both of you understand them and find a way to resolve them. Take baby steps, take your walls down one brick at a time, and if you feel things are going too fast just stop for a breather. If your new partner truly loves you they will wait and be there for you. Good luck

I know this feelin.. of not expressing your emotions. I let them all out at once at the request of a love one.. it didn't turn out well cuz neither one of us knew how to cope with them. I hope u learn to express them in a healthy manner. One little step at a time. Good luck to u.