Seriously, Have You Ever Read Such Dribble

A girlfriend asked me to read the book, so I slipped into the local library and collected a copy.   I read it over the weekend and frankly yawned all the way through.

When i asked my friend why she thought it was a good book, she said   "I never said it was a good book, I just wanted you to read it"  

Now, really, a book about a couple of lovesick teens, one of whom happens to be a vampire?    

Her point, apparently, as I have been struggling to write Tobias's biography as grief therapy, is, if Stephanie Meyers can make the bestseller list writing a silly love story, imagine what I could do with a true life love story.

She wants me to write a romance novel, where Tobias and I are the main characters !   interesting idea?     What do you think?
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There is a link to a intense book called Snap of the Dragon's Tail.
Visceral, well written, complex and gripping story about a WWII sex slave.

Friend recommended and I have read it twice and bought five copies for friends!

I guess I am the "odd man out". I actually liked the Twilight books. I grant you they are pure excapeism novels, but when looked at in that light, they do a credable job, in my opinion. But I am a total Science Fiction fan since early childhood to now. It would be boreing if we all liked the same things.

Thank you salar1 - I also don't get the whole vampire thing ! and thank you for your encouragement.<br />
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Theredlady = I agree they are terrible stories. I promise to write a more enjoyable love story<br />
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love<br />

Ugh.. one of the worst books ever written, but I would love to read your story Naomi, the true love stories are the best and most inspirational ones.

I dont get the whole vampire thing myself ,as for your story N I think it should be told ....

Yes, LeoRojas690, I have humoured her and begun writing my own novel. <br />
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My friend is right, "If Stephanie Meyers can make the best sellers list, any one can !"

hehe - a stake in Edward's heart - needed to happen in the first book, Shinigami69 .

Why not? Your story has touched many people here. You are obviously intelligent and you write well. I'm sure you could pull it off, if you wanted to do it.<br />
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I've read the entire Twilight series. I thought it was okay but I still don't see the fascination. I guess I just wanted to know what my wife and daughter were so giddy about. What really aggravated me about it the most was the way the author tampered with the whole vampire mythology. I kept hoping someone would come along and drive a stake into Edward's heart.

I say love will make you do some weird things. Humor her.