No One Is Interested In What I Have To Say...

It seems that no one is ever interested in me. People only talk to me when they want to. I am so...different than everybody around me, so whatever I have to say is never interesting enough for them to listen. There are few people that I talk to. Well only 4. To my misfourtune...2 of them are way to busy to talk to me. One of them can't talk on the phone anymore...which I do no t understand. And the other is too damn far away and all we do is text. I feel like I am the only person in this world. People do not even hear me when I am talking...they don't even try. I feel terribly if I just shouldnt be in this world at all...

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Aw man, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. It totally sucks. It's such a bummer when people love to tell you about what's going on with them (even if they've said it 3 times already), but when it's my turn........screeeeeeeeeeeching halt in interest in the convo...from everyone that sits around me. And then there's this one gal...that as soon as she starts talking, everybody listens. So annoying. I've just accepted the fact that I'm just not interesting (LOL) and don't have that great of a personality. So, I need to really find what makes me happy without people in my life.

i keep trying talking to people in the best possible way..and i dont have any ******* concersation with my newly got boyfriend nd so is the same problem eith friends ..i try being sweet but still cnt find a best friend..i m very emotionally dependent ..nad m just ******* lost!!!!

Number one... we all have felt like this I am sure. But we have to see that if we are not interacting with the conversation, then how can we feel left out. Sometimes its not always a topic we are interested in and it may seem boring to us.. but if we care about whom we are interacting with we at times need to be open to their likings also. Then when we have dull mundane things to talk about they may give us the same in return and let us ramble on about nothing important. Number two: Being withheld only hurts ourselves if we want the connection... and by assuming they will not like what we say or how we say it we limit ourselves. If in fact we try to talk and they seem like they dont want to hear.. then ask!!! Ask why ... let the other person know that you would like to be heard and like to feel like the words you have to say are important enough to be heard. I think communication is the hardest part in relationships.. and that goes for your mate, your family, your friends, your enemies, your anything. Even your pets.. If you feel like you are not understood take the time and effort to calmly, maturely express it.. even if you have to write them a note.. sometimes I feel like ppl go online and vent cause they are scared to vent in person and that is not fair. If I can't tell someone.. HEY you know I would like to talk about the wind, its blowing from the south today - don't you think that odd? If we don't put ourselves out there how can we assume they do not want or care about what we have to say? Just a thought.

I feel the exact same way and exactly how you worded it. it feels o so great when your partner treats you like that to. I feel like I am not appreciated what so ever. makes me feel like I should be single for the rest of my life. as far as others treating me that way....maybe it be best if I just don't talk at all. I've always been shy and didn't talk much but as I got older I have come out of my shell. But it feels like I should do myself a favor and crawl back in it to stop hurting.

Work out of that shell. Keep working even if its hard and seems mundane. So you have a partner... express how you feel to them. Keep it real. If you desire to have a relationship keep working at it. Hiding behind being shy will only hurt you in the long run. Your thoughts and feelings and likes and dislikes should be important to them. If not - approach the subject. Not with anger but with love. Tell them you do not feel appreciated. If you do not feel heard then work on a solution.. do not clam up. Do Not go overboard either.. a fine line. But if you are shy it takes alot to become more open I agree, but it is not impossible. If your partner cares they will hear you and maybe not immediately be able to "FIX" it all, but it takes willingness from both and all sides. And clamming up.. and thinking being single for the rest of your life doesnt sound the greatest.... unless there are other issues besides the ones you spoke of here. Why work so hard to come out of the shell only to return to it? Why and whom would that benefit? Maybe your partner would appreciate you being able to express yourself and together you could find a new level to your relationship. And maybe that shell would not look so homey to you anymore. Talk it out even if its hard. Being single is not the funnest thing to alot of people either. And when you have someone and then don't well - you never know what you got til its gone! be yourself - or its fake.

Yeas, same here.
I really like a few things, like REALLY like it,
But everyone says its stupid. They don't think it hurts my feelings but it does.
I have only really great friends on the Internet who shares my likings.
I think if you have an account on blogging or chat sites like tumblr, you should feel happy there. Everyone accepts you who you are <3

Think about a time when you've gotten stuck listening to someone drone on and on on some boring topic. It's rude to ignore them but is it wrong to fake like you're listening? Like if someone, for example, is talking to you about the behavioral habits of their cat. Not everybody has the same interests. There are plenty of times where I say something and no one acknowledges it. But if I carefully pay attention, I notice that others say things and are also unacknowledged. I've been in situations where I feel awkward because the person keeps talking and all I can think of to say is "oh..." "wow" "uh huh..." "really?" "hmmm" because I just don't care as much as they do, but its respectful to at least pretend I do. <br />
Or do you think I am being completely fake and should be real and just ignore them?

I think everyone feels like that sometimes. There's times where i feel like no one understands me. I can't talk about any aspect of my life because no one really GETS it, or they just don't want to hear it. And even when there is that person...they tend to fade away after a while. <br />
You just have to keep looking for the bright side, even when you think there is only darkness ahead. <br />
<br />
I know we're all strangers here. But if you ever wanna talk I'm a message away (: And it wouldn't be bothersome at all. <br />

What is it that you would like to talk about? Sometimes people just get caught up so much in their own lives they don;t think about how it is affecting others. So tell me what would you like to talk about.

i feel the same sometimes too peopele dont listen to me neither you just have to be more loud and less shy and quiet put on some music and dance alone in front of the miror... as long as your happy when your alone.