THINGS In This Life Time Here On Earth

Things here on earth are not going to last forever and i know that it's just a place that god has placed us till his comming..... and things here on earth just don't seem to get my eye like it did befor.. passion for things i use to have isn't there like it was and i know that i have better in heaven waiting on me there..... the passion for a new car, i think of it this way in heaven i may recive wings, a new house, there's one prepared for me, a passion to try a new kind of food, the table will be sat out befor me and i will set and dine with the lord at the table he has for me... a passion for me to see night, there will be no night there.. a passion to laugh,, happyness will always remain there.... PASSION THAT I WILL NOT LOSE IS THE PASSION THAT I HAVE FOR JESUS..... HE'S THE BEST AND WILL FOREVER REMAIN IN MY HEART.....................

chosenone2003 chosenone2003
26-30, F
Jun 11, 2007