I feel inadequate, unwanted and not desirable. I've only been with 15 women in my 23 years of life and three I paid for. I have a son and many long term relations or flings. I've been told I'm good looking and been told I'm likable and a great guy. I don't know why I see my self worth threw the eyes of people I sleep with. I'm weird about sex. I'm good, but still insecure I don't believe their compliments though they say they are sincere. I lost my virginity at 17 but had been doing other things at 15. Though even then I still feel like a late bloomer. And since 17 I've had a few dry spells which diminish any confidence. I mean can someone tell me what's normal for someone my age? Or something helpful for me?
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I feel unwanted, inadequate and undesirable all the time. I withstand so much ridicule, you would think I was a famous person on Twitter. If you have been with more people than your own physical age, I find that to be disgusting and so do other attractive/successful people apparently. I have only had three boyfriends my entire 24.8 years of life. Real self worth cannot be founded within others, but within your own actual abilities or talents.

Insecure? You should never feel insecure.. It's crazy but what's helped me out to feel a little better in the bedroom and "experienced" is by watching a little bit of **** or reading articles. But most importantly it's about finding a partner who you can experiment with. Like the girl I'm with now, man she's shown me some different things In bed that I never even knew I liked and I've shown her some of mine. It's all about sharing eachothers experiences and talking about what you guys like.

I mean I've had a tons of sex at several points of my life, I know I'm great in bed. Once I get them to the bed then is all good. I've had a women live with me for two years. It's more of a numbers thing. Or more of insecure about getting women to like me enough to get that far with them. A lot of the time I feel like if I lose who I'm sleeping with it'll be forever to find someone else or that I may never find someone else who will like me and accept me enough to do that with me. And I love sex and connecting with women that. Some I even start to care about

I feel like as a 23 year old man, as attractive as many women say I am. I feel I should have been able to have pulled more then 15 women. What's normal amount of partners for someone my age?

I mean I'm 22yrs old & I've been w maybe 10 girls. Lol which I think is a good amount of girls!! Is that not good for guys??