The Black Hole

Where do the memories go, all those things I've forgotten over time. I think they go into a void of sorts, a black hole if you will, never to be discovered again.  My best friend will say, “remember when we…” and I have to answer, “Are you sure that was me?” because I simply do not remember that activity. My brother will say, “You remember that or maybe you are getting old!” and I have to reply, “Oh and you forgot to remember my 5th birthday party and the new puppies we both received?  Maybe you are getting old too.”  He will roll his eyes and I smile because I remember that event well in my mind.   It is funny but also sad how sometimes we can remember the beautiful beats of songs but simply cannot remember all the words. These are the things I refer to as the lost voids within the black hole. 
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5 Responses Jan 28, 2011

I suspect it is all safely stored away and we just don't know how to access it very well.<br />
<br />
Then when we least expect it something we are sure we had long forgotten pops up out of nowhere.

God I hope not!

I really don't think you are anywhere near being at risk for that.

True and it does scare me a little bit too. :)

Wait until you're my age. Of course, then, you just attribute it to early onset Alzheimer's.