I Feel Like Something Is Missing

I feel incomplete all the time. Like if something is missing. Like a big hole.

I guess it's because my father was never here, never cared about me. I guess it's because my mother doesn't know how to love me, how to take care of me. I guess it's because I had been raped and molested. I guess it's because I'm so messed up. I guess my life sucks. And I don't know how I get up everyday, but I do. Lost, lonly, incomplete, but I do.

I wish I wouldn't feel like this, even if it would be just for a day...
Borboleta14 Borboleta14
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 8, 2011

that is pitiful... get over it, don't let anyone get you down like that

You are not alone! There are millions of people out there that feel the same way. Guess what, I am one of those people. I grew up alone, My mother threw me out at the age of 9and my father has took no interest in me since. That was 20 years ago. Still nothing has changed. So I live my life souly for my Daughter and my Fiance. I am nice to people around me but all they do is walk all over me like I'm some sort of fur skined rug. We live in a house that I feel is going to collapse on top of us. We are very poor and have hard luck. It seems impossible to find a job to take care of my family. The medications my daughter and I take costs more then a new car every month. We can not afford these meds even with a good job that carries health insurance. Right now we must rely on state assistence. I'll tell you what though, I hate living like this and it is not a choice I want to live with. I wish there were other options for us out there. I am a full time student and a full time Mom. My daughters father bailed on us when she was a year old and we have not seen him for 8 years. He is an illegal alien so finding him is impossiable. There is no way to get him for child support so that is out of the question. Well I could go on and on venting about how Life sucks for me but to be honest with you, I feel that it may not make you feel better about how yours is treating you.<br />
Best wishes to you my dear, I hope things will get better for you soon.<br />
BTW, I too was raped and molested, and beaten badly.<br />
sincerly,<br />