When I Was Only The Young Woman At Our Place.

I felt completely incomplete and overprotected when I was the only young child at our place. Whenever I came from school, my relatives would interrogate me for where I've went and what I've been doing. But one year after, there's a little change with how they treated me. Thank to this big big BIG surprise, everything went well and went easy and fun. My aunt adopted a baby girl who was 1yr and 4months. She was now the focus of the family and I don't feel jealous about it. She now is somewhat spoiled with the little things and the big things she do. She is somewhat being totally appealing to everyone, making her the princess of the family. She was the reason why I always smile all day because I can do so many things without the eyes of my relatives. Though, there are lot of moments where I get interrogated. But I still thank you for not being that too overprotected just like before.
msmhage msmhage
18-21, F
Nov 7, 2011