Luv Yu Like A Love Song

walking down the lane,
silence engulfing the whole city,
cripping crickets sing the songs of pain,
my shadow's gone,nobody ain't for pity,
with rugged wearings and shabby heart,
slippery shoes by passing the drains,
faith or love the opt for my life's cart,
both have ever and always gave me the pain,
apologies today
slithered away
you're cursed baby,that is what you say,
alright boy,i'd travel it all alone,
somewhere sometimes,when i don't come back no need to mourn,
because i'd be in heaven as a paradise,
when baby,it would rain,it's my tears so surprised
which would foster you with the soothing passion,
of my love dat won't
owe you my life,coz today i'm gone
smokycup smokycup
22-25, F
3 Responses Oct 10, 2012

thankyu melli ^^

excellent chuibu

hey guys...i wrote it myself how is that :)