You Really Don't Know Me Do You?

I guess you can say I'm a loner! I didn't always use to be this way. It just happened over night! In high school I was very social and had lots so called "friends". Then when I went to college, I met a few people, well I guess acquaintances. But I never hear from them! Where did it start to go wrong. I have all the characteristics of a friend, but I just don't understand why I can't have close friends. I watch movies sometimes of groups of women who have grown up together, do everything together, call each other in the time of need. I often wonder are their really friends like that. Why haven't I experienced this? I need a friend I can call in a time of distress. I want to share happy moments with someone other than my husband. Sometimes you need a shoulder you can cry on other then a family member. I want to share baby tips, exchange recipes, have bbqs, join a bowling league like in Grease, and wear those pink shirts that match. I want that! If I only I can have this experience! :( I'm such a wimp! I know!
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the most important essence of friend you look is your confide. you wish a person with whom you will be what you are. totally transperent with your laughter and tears; apprehensions and fantasy; crazy fun loving or outright cranky.<br />
so takecare and enjoy this feeling. i am your friend.

Thank you friend:)

having friends in school and at later stage of life are two different things, because at school we have different thing to share with friends, but when we get more mature we have different feelings & topics that we need to share.<br />
<br />
Well i am also such reserved/introvert type of personality and can understand, how difficult it is to find a single good friend to share your emotions. Well i am here to listen, understand and help you but i know it can't fulfill the need of tangible friend. <br />
<br />
I will suggest you to,<br />
<br />
first, find good person, who is really good in person & nature, i know they are rare, so increase your social appearances to increase your chances to meet one.<br />
<br />
then, get closer, by spending more time with him/her to understand whether he/she is really a nice person and worth your true friendship,<br />
<br />
then get more closer and start sharing your feeling to know the response, whether it is the same affection you are looking for, or it is just sympathy or lust hidden behind beautiful acting,<br />
<br />
and if any where in between you feel the person is not a genuine friend you are looking for, just leave him without thinking a lot, as i don't want you to be hurt.<br />
<br />
Best Wishes

Thank you :)

I will take your advice and run with it!