I Swear I Am Invisible!:(


I swear I am invisible to other people and this is not a good thing. I can see it when I'm in a small group, but it's especially noticeable in large crowds.  When I'm in a small group it's small things like no one will talk to me, or no one will answer my questions and comments.  It's as if I'm not there.  In large crowds where I don't know most of the people, the people will walk into me, bump into me, whatever.  For instance, yesterday my family and I took my niece to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.  The place was mobbed like nothing I'd ever seen.  I was knocked into more times than I can count, and never did I get a single "sorry" or "I'm sorry".  Now, I recently hurt my foot and it still is injured, so I spent a good portion of the time sitting down with my foot elevated.  The mob, obviously not seeing me, walked right into my injured foot/leg  numerous times.  Every stupid time I go to an amusement park I feel like I am invisible.  It's horrible!  I feel like punching these people, only I am not like that:)

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It sounds to me that its not that you are invisable but that you have ran into some very rude and thoughtless people . Make them invisable to you because they don't deserve your attention .You are better than that . Sounrround yourself with people you love and that love you .

sometimes you have to fight for the attention and respect you deserve. ;)

invisible people like us are just so special and they are on a need to know basis

Absolutely LOVED (and identified with!) your comment, strawberryandbanana!<br />
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Count me in - I'm bringing my camera, so we can prove we exist!!<br />
<br />
"WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!" (with apologies to Theodore Geisel/Dr. Seuss)

I know that feeling.

Ireally thought I was the only person to feel the way I do.Only today I was talking to someone and in mid conversation we were interrupted by someone else and I was forgotten about as always- my friend never asked me what I was saying. But people are always quick enough to notice me when they need something.I'm naturally quiet and shy and when this happens I just withdraw into myself all the more and feel like a nobody.I wish I could meet some friends who value me.

I totally uderstand your feelings. It happens to me all the time. I just left a family party because every time I talk to someone they turn around and pay attention to other conversations or anything else going on around and leave me speaking alone. It's like I am not there. I feel so embarrased, rejected and unconfortable that I have to go home. <br />
I wonder how it would be to have a party with all of us invisible people. Would we notice each other and listen to each other? Would it be incredibly boring? Or would we get along really well? Would you like to try?

i to, feel invisible. feeling lonely i saw this group. but as i was looking over this group, seeing that many others feel the same i had the thought, maybe all of us here are just on a different level, if all us invisible people could get together, i bet we could get along quite well. maybe we just see things differently. i actually am intrigued of quiet "invisible" people. too many people are always opening their mouths, when it's good to just listen sometimes. i was feeling depressed about being invisible, but maybe it's a good thing?

IT IS PAINFUL TO BE IGNORED...I AM VERY SHY...AND SOMETIMES WHEN I'M AROUND PEOPLE, I'M INTIMIDATED...AND ONE DAY THE LORD GAVE ME THE WORDS TO A POEM.......JEAN! I SEE YOU! I SEE YOU!......./// INTERNET PRAYER TEAM Guest Owita /// Every day I pray /// LORD! Give me strength...Give me courage...Make me bold /// That I may lead some lost one to the fold (as the old hymn tells us ) /// We GET what we GIVE to others. Loveya !! ~ Owita

I sometimes feel invisible to people when I speak as loud as I can and they don't hear me. In fact the other day I was standing right next to my friend trying to show her something and it was as if I wasn't even there. No matter what I did she didn't turn around to look at what I was showing her. It frustrates the hell out of me.<br />
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And I come across situations where people say that I never told them something when I did. Then a few months later they tell me the same thing. I feel like a broken record because no one ever listens to me. It's like they forget everything I say, or it never registers. <br />
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I used to have a very popular friend. Everyone would ask me how she's doing without even saying hi to me first or asking how I'm doing. And if I was with her people would pay attention to her and act like I didn't exist.<br />
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So I must be a figment of people's imagination.

I am always invisible. especially in the classroom no one ever comes over to talk or ask me if i want to be in their group for a project... i always end up by myself doing the work load of a group... but soon i got used to it as sad as that seems but i am always emitting i want to talk to you i want to be heard, rays. but it doesnt seem to work...

I also have a hard time being heard, unless I put on my "mad voice", which is stern and is ALWAYS heard. The problem with that is, I am not actually mad but talking that way makes me FEEL irritated!<br />
My voice is muffled when I speak, not clear and bell-like, and not high in pitch.<br />
When I get bumped I start to stand with my feet apart and my elbows out. This takes up more room and works very well. Body language can be very "loud" and people generally steer clear of someone in an angry stance.

Yeah, sometimes ppl completely ignore what I say, and I feel like I'm not really there, b/c if I was, they'd have answered, right? I think its to do with my quiet voice - it may sound loud to me, but others might not be able to hear it. Blah.