No One Sees The Real Me, So It's Like I'm Not Even Here.

I say "hi" to someone, or try to get their attention for five minutes, and it's like I never said anything at all. Again, I say something to someone and they walk right by. If you didn't notice, I'm still here.

I raise my hand in class and the teacher looks for ANYONE to answer the question, and then waits a minute until someone else raises their hand and calls on them. I don't even raise my hand often because I'm afraid of getting it wrong and the whole class thinking I'm an idiot, especially my self.

I like sitting in the back, alone, to try and get away from all the immature kids in my class. And if I do answer a question wrong, it's easier to just hide behind my books and long hair than having everyone look at me the second I manage to get called on. And when I do that, that's when I definitely feel invisible, even when no one's looking. Because no one's looking.

No one sees the real me anyway, no one cares enough to actually try. No matter where I go, I'll always have the feeling inside (even if I don't realize it) that I'm invisible.
imnotinvisible imnotinvisible
13-15, F
Jan 6, 2013