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Islam has always been stereotyped in a really bad way, It is a very complex religion and yet so simple to follow, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world... I'm VERY proud to be a Muslim and no matter what anyone says they can never change my opinion.... i don't disrespect any other religion in any manner,Islam teaches us to respect other religions and to treat people how we would like to be treated...According to me and many others Islam is the one true religion and will remain that way!!
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Does not the Quran tell you to kill the infidels? Which is all unbelievers in Allah?

I dated a man that was Muslim and have a son with him he never disrespected me or my beliefs and while I was with him I learned alot about Islam and I can honestly say most Muslims at least the ones I know are good peaceful people

thank u so much dat means alot.....are u married now?

Not yet

may ALLAH give u hapiness and health ameen

Thanks its just some people just beliv wat dey hear nd it really annoys me at tymz

ya i do face the same some time.........
the reason is they are not fully aware of facts about..Islam.......feel sad for them

tru may ALLAH giv them hidaayat


exactly islams been stereotyped in such a bad way.....da meanin of islam is peace but we just get blamed for evrything....every religion has its goods and bads bt dey jus like pin pointin islam its pathetic

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agreed with ur opinion........u r absolutely correct...........:)