I Feel Islam Is Being Portrayed In Such a Bad Way

the media show islam as a religon of violence, when it is the total opposite!, they say we are the starters of wars, and fights, but wasnt it america that went into iraq??? and israel that  went into palestine??

now for the issue of terrorism, i would first like to say, that people who just listen to the news, an agree are wrong, you should find things out for your self, then decide.

anyone who hurts innocent civilians, is a terrorist, whether jew, muslim, or christian.

however, america and israels veiw of terrorism is highly un fair, eg.

do you remember there was a bom that killed american troops? it was called a terrorist attack, however the reaseon that it happened, [which was because the americans bombed up a palestinian mosque]

was called an act of bravery.

the world has lost all sence of dimocracy, surley it must be comming to an end.

i only wish people could know of the realy beauty of islam.

findpeaceinislam findpeaceinislam
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Oh thats right it is you cruel and hate filled mussies that show your religion this way!

The Boston bombing, the cold blooded London murder. Come on, Islam and peace , what a sick joke. When muslims kill, they always seem to sacrifice to their moon god. In the ten commandments God says "Thou shalt not kill." Simple, No killing. Yet muslims in Iran publicly hang people for the slightest infraction and without mercy. There were even two teenage lads who were publicly hanged for being gay! Yes good religious muslims sacrificing to their moon god again. Honour killings, young under age girls being forced to marry men they dont know! Its all a terrible disgrace

Yeah as if people of other religions did not commit any murder in a period of a month and a half. BTW Allah is the Arabic word for God so its not a different god than any Abrahamic religion God. So your angry about death penalty!!! Why are you mixing politics with religion. The politics of Iran are homophobic attack politics and don't attack religion. Religion doesn't put a martial age people put it and most conservative villages in middle eastern countries marry at a young age it dosen't matter what their race or religion is!!! They marry at a young age due to traditions it is a cultural problem not a religious problem. The real disgrace is people who don't know arabic and never read a verse from the Quran criticize Islam.

As I said The Boston bombings, The London murder. Your religion is plain evil.

Then all religions are evil because members from each religion committed at least one murder in May

That may well be true. But Islam is a religion that celebrates killing. Even sicko muslims kill other muslims. That religion is a disgrace.

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The Quran says: God forbids you not, with regards to those who fight you not for [your] faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them; for God loveth those who are just. (Quran, {60.8::qs60.8}) <br />
<br />
It is one function of Islamic law to protect the privileged status of minorities, and this is why non-Muslim places of worship have flourished all over the Islamic world. History provides many examples of Muslim tolerance towards other faiths: when the caliph Omar entered Jerusalem in the year 634, Islam granted freedom of worship to all religious communities in the city. Islamic law also permits non-Muslim minonties to set up their own courts, which implement family laws drawn up by the minorities themselves. When the caliph Omar took Jerusalem from the Byzantines, he insisted on entering the city with only a small number of his companions. Proclaiming to the inhabitants that their lives and property were safe, and that their places of worship would never be taken from them, he asked the Christian patriarch Sophronius to accompany him on a visit to all the holy places. The Patriarch invited him to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but he preferred to pray outside its gates, saying that if he accepted, later generations of Muslims might use his action as an excuse to turn it into a mosque. Above is the mosque built on the spot where Omar did pray. According to Islam, man is not born in 'onginal sin'. He is God's vicegerent on earth. Every child is born with the fitra, an innate disposition towards virtue, knowledge, and beauty. Islam considers itself to be the 'primordial religion', din al-hanif, it seeks to return man to his original, true nature in which he is in harmony with creation, inspired to do good, and confirming the Oneness of God

If Islam is peaceful and tolerant then why are gays persecuted so in Islamic countries, many of which have a death penalty for homosexuality? Just wondering...

gays are prosecuted in conservative states like Arkansas

i didn't say Islamic states prosecute LGBT but don't take this as an excuse because your redneck protestant politicians want to ban LGBT and ban all abortions. Go and talk to your nearest church about being LGBT and legalization of abortion? I saw a reverend before the elections who mentioned that Obamas followers will go to hell because he is pro gay marriage!!!
If Islam was for dumb people. Why do Muslims in Qatar and UAE are controlling the world economy?!!!
P.S Said is written as said not SID!!!

So all the women in the west are treated like queens right? Have you read the quran? Of course there are bad muslim's but there is bad in all parts of society.

People are people. We need to see the good in other cultures, and realize our own people make mistakes too. I agree, MakingPeace, we can only end this by opening our hearts to each other.

I am surprised at the attitudes here. Muslims have been attacked by the West constantly. Their extremists are strong now, but its a reaction to attacks upon them. Israeli Jews too have been effected by what happened in Europe, with Hitler, and years of persecution by Christians. We need to understand what's behind extremism and aggression. It's about self preservation, defensiveness based on hostile actions. Why did 75% of Americans back George Bush with the idea of attacking Iraq? Because Americans were attacked. Its a vicious cycle, and we can only end it by opening our hearts and minds to each other.

islam had never told peaple to blow themselves up in the name of religion , and this is not islamic

ah, also i think the main problem with islam is that it destroys creativity and imagination even more than the other abrahamic religions. individulatiy is frowned upon, especially in women.

i would say america and extremists (which are bigger in number than you give credit to) are both as bad as each other.<br />
<br />
also, i know many pepople who claim to be moderate muslims who clearly arent. there is a myth of moderate islam that too many people use to escape, although i agree, islam is to some extent scapegoated, it is not without any basis that they are blamed.<br />
<br />
how many atheists do you know who would fly a plane into the twin towers, in the name of there being no god???<br />
<br />
can you think of any who would do so for atheism????<br />
<br />
hell no!!!

I think that the media will always shape what people will be quick to believe. Islam does not teach violence, neither does Christianity, yet both set go to war. True believers in their religion would be against war. <br />
It's irritating that the word jihad has become synonymous with terrorism when all it means is a personal journey to enlightenment. But the same goes for evangelical, it now means crazy person. terrorism come from many sources, but it will always get the label most convenient at the time. People need to learn to take what they see on TV with a grain of salt an realize it's all a soap opera. When they realize that maybe they'll learn to vote better (or at all)

Wow, Can’t believed I missed this. Many interesting thoughts on this one. I think the flaw is in the presupposition, that Islam is right, and that given time everyone will see this (Like many believers, always assuming the non-believers will eventually see the light)<br />
My opinions probably come as no surprise, I think that the mindset of nay organised religion is a virus…it changes the brain to suit the fantastic world the believer sees, and then it looks for ways to infect new hosts. A few things I didn’t understand about your post, do you support the undemocratic way that Islamists act? Or you are pointing our the western worlds slowly fading democratic ways? And what is the ‘beauty’ of Islam that will eventually take over the world?<br />
Findpeaceinislam is right when she says the media is miss-representing the situation. Most of what comes out of those regions is heavily skewed towards the people that the Americans are helping, and very little on the damage that American troops have on the civilians on the ‘other side’. Clichés should be avoided, but that doesn’t mean that Islam is the religion that will reign peace upon the world through the enslavement of free will. If anything Islam should be eliminated as soon as possible to prevent the next stage of destructive Christianity. I saw someone talking about spirituality and the need or perceived lack of it in the western world. I say, ‘what is spirituality?’ is it being happy within yourself? I achieve that without believing in fantasies.<br />
I have a feeling that you are really saying the Islamists are right in what they do, that they should have a right to do what they want. Is it okay for a group to continue as per usual all-the-while believing that they are going to rule the world through their actions? Brutmystik said it, “Common sense never goes out of style.” And hopefully common sense will halt the progression of the religion. Like Moxiesurvivor said, a business, a business of control. A virus that spreads, enabling control and mass delusions…all you need to do is be ob<x>jective, or try to be,<br />
Anyway, in the end Atheists and agnostics can go on thinking we are right, the media will keep portraying things how they like, the islamists will continue with illusions of grandeur. Things are as they are, for now. Sucks huh?

rcrisp,<br />
You made me think and feel sad. You're right...all the atheists we have is probably contributed in part by the all the bickering people have over religions. In viewing any organized religion, there's a big gap in spirituality. Most people perhaps myself included from time to time, likes to wear religion on the sleeves. People constantly look for ways to appear religious by performing deeds that are out of context of the religion. Muslim extremists fall into this category so badly, it's all about how the women are dressed and kept at home. So much stressed is put into the outer "jihad"(striving in war) instead of the inner "jihad" (striving against evil desire) because Muslims have suffered for centuries from colonization and they are just angry and looking for someone to blame other themselves. (Don't that always feel better!) <br />
In Islam, God only accept a deed when it's done purely for Him, not due to anger for what others did to oneself, nor out of pride. I see so much pride in Muslims today, and it is due to the lack of spirituality. A body without a spirit. <br />
God please humble our hearts to You. We all need to learn more about God's religions before we condemn God. People are weak and often, evil. They are not the source to understand God's message, except in bits and pieces and twisted here and there. Check these out:<br />
www.islam-guide.com (quick info)<br />
www.suhaibwebb.com (American Muslim religious scholar)<br />
The Koran Interpreted - Arberry<br />
The Holy Qur'an - Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Common sense never goes out of style.

that I think is the to the point - the problems inherent in organized religion.

I'd willingly give up bacon, pork chops, ham and all of that stuff in order to gather a herd of pigs together and make sure their country was contaminated beyond imagination. General Jack Pershing took care of our problem with them during WWI - read about General Blackjack Pershing. My friend's grandfather was there. <br />
<br />
The rulers there have taken Allah and turned "him" into a business - the business of controlling others for their own greedy needs and wants.<br />
Another reason for never believing in organized religion.

Well said moxie, if I had my way we would actually blow away a mosque everytime they killed a American. Not one of our troops isnt worth a damn building. I find it interstting that this individual is living in a free society wonder of they have ever really gotten to see what muslim women are treated like when no one is looking in their home countries. If they hate us and the Brits so bad why dont they simply go home?

Jihad means to take over the world. That is their doctrine and they think they "have the truth". I was looking at a map today that shows the progress they've made in the last 50 years. It is scary. These "people" are in a different time warp. They belong back in the "crusades" time.<br />
They take their own children and run over their arms with a car if they steal a slice of bread because they are hungry.

Point in fact the media isan't going far enough. 200 years ago the muslims were capturing and killing Christains, and any others who didn't beleive as they do. They have not changed! I don't fall for the good Muslim BS because ya all professs to follow the Koran which allows for the slaughter of infidels. The big mistake you people are making is that when ya succeed in setting off a couple of dirty A-bombs in this country ." Muslim promises not my words" . Then you will have to deal witha whole different breed of American an ya are not going to like it. My opinion is simple get along or Suffer the consequences. What do you think that the resuly of that is going to be ?Another 911 fact finding mission? Hell no we will nuke ya out of existance. And hunt all the rest of ya out of existance an good riddance I say!<br />
As a society you treat women worse than dogs and "dogs" are considered unclean??? They are creatures of honor, compassion, loyalty , traits I have yet to see in your society. Sheiks wallow in luxery and the masses grovel for the table crumbs. The vast majority of Arabs are kept illiterate and poor by their own "Rulers" <br />
I am sick to death of hearing you guys **** and moan about getting a little , much to little back. Did you forget 911 ? Well I sure havent. Ya should be thanking the liberal newspapers for not revealing the truth of what ya all are. Maybe not every single one. But terrorist cant exist on the scale you guys spawn em without the support of the people.<br />
Next time ya break out ya prayer rug consider this, You as a people are going to reap the fire of retaliation of a really angry world if ya keep this crap up. If truly "You" as a People arent terriorist then ya better start dealing with "Those Guys who are" cause there is a line in the sand from whick even moderate Americans will make a outcry for the total destruction of all of you. I dont want to see it happen but I prefer it to letting a group of any folks steal and destroy freedom. <br />
Before a buch of ya write me claiming I'm racist or a biggot. I dont care if ya are purple and worship rocks as long as ya allow others the same freedom. For those ladies who feel I am too strongy speaking I suggest you review the history of American women who lost their children were shot , beaten, Brutilized. For wanting to divorce one a these outstanding examples of humanity. FYI Muslims come in all flavors!<br />
Don't bother to write me an snivel til ya read the Koran an look up American womens actual recorded perblems who have married Muslims.

The real problem with the muslim religion is that there is really no wiggle room to form a shadow of your opinion, and you are told what to do, and you pray at least three times a day on a rug facing a holy city-it is too rigid-they are taught not to be individuals....just a uniform. Every person is different, and I am positive not every muslim is bad-but that isn't even the point. The point is-how do we do with it-I am through judging them. It is time to deal. But, truthfully, the terrorists are just being funded by a conglomerate of globalist enterprise interest groups and shadow Orwellians.

Barbarism has been worn by many and we, meaning most of the world have come far. Once I was tolerant of Muslims..But I now beleive that there are the fighters an those who support them. There is no evil empire of shadow Muslims. They have captured tortured and killed not just Christians but anyone who dosen't profess their faith if you can call any group which seeks to destroy others, innocent women, children ours and sadly their own a religious group.<br />
Look at the internet pictures of Muslim demonstrations in England , They threaten all civilized countries not Muslim ruled. The seek not equality they seek domination. They havent changed from the barbarians they were 200 years ago. The sheiks live like "Shieks" and the poor grovel in a life so berift of anything good or of worth that any rabble rouser who shows up with dried milk for their chidren usually stolen from American Aid packages or guns can organize them. Sadly they truly have nothing to lose.<br />
Soon thet will use dirty A-bombs in this and other countries. They have said as much and we cannot even develope the Grit to shut our borders down ! This will force a outcry to decimate them entirely and it will be heard and acted upon. Sad state of affairs actually . But undeniably true nevertheless!<br />
Maybe they will severly damage this country but they cannot prevail.<br />
It dosent take bravery to lill innocent women and children. Tis savage barbarity! The sad part here is so many realize the inevidabality of this but still moderates think ya can appease them with flowery phrases and take of tolerance. <br />
I goota go with Bm on this one

The catholic church isn't the only christian church. I think all religions are stupid-but-you said something very important-that the church has lost it's power to make is submit-in Islam-the whole purpose is to submit to the will of god in every way, and that will is flexible, according to the Imam-how do you think calls for jihad got justified-the ******* imams...islam as a religion is just as worthless and essentially harmless as all of the others. Peole arguing over whose religion is better is like Voltaire said-it is like asking the captain which rats on the ship he favors more. The older I get, the less I believe in people and trust more in "god".

I usually agree with you celainn...but I think that, even if it of a cultural origin, women are treated very, very poorly-and at least "christainity" has evolved a little, they don't burn witches as often...but you are right, any religion can be used improperly for evil purposes. Still, being covered up except for your eyes, genital mutalation, sewing up the labia at 8, oh, maybe it is 10-I can't remember...but it is bad at any age. having said all of that, I concede to your superlative point, which is "don't blame humans for ruining beautiful ideas.." I just think there is no use for religion at all, ever, unless it is LOVE.

this is a horrible misconception and it saddens me. it must make the perpetrators of this opinion feel good to know that people can be convinced in mass numbers that a religion could instruct people to use their children as weapons. last i recall, it was no religion that taught hitler to kill 6 million people and christianity still has a good rap, though it couldve surely been blamed for it. the people in the middle east are a people ******** of their homeland and at war every day. they are a people with a voice ignored that begs to be heard, and people there in charge know that there are ways of getting attention other than a press conference. perhaps by finally paying an ignored people some attention, lives can be saved.