I'm Very Bothered By the Gaza Situation

I don't know where best to post this but i just have to vent. This situation with Gaza really bothers me. In Israel they have right wing extremists. One of them assassinated Rabin cause he tried to make peace with Arafat. In the Muslim nations they have extremists, some killed Sadat for making peace with Israel. Now the extremists in Gaza were sending rockets into Southern Lebanon. It was wrong. But the response? To punish all the residents of Gaza like is happening, its mad. And it bothers me that more Westerners and Israelis dont see the madness. They blame Palestinians or Islam. They blame Hamas and then try to crush Hamas. When will the violence end? When will people of good will reach across to one another and try to make peace instead of slaughtering each other? When will we wake up to realize we are all sisters and brothers and when we respond to the extremists with extremism we become the hand of evil in this world? 

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The war in Gaza is mnore complicated than all you would know. Now unless you are experiencing what is happenning in the Middle East Personally then we are not to make assumptions. My husband in from Lebanon and we have many friends from Palestine who have escaped and have many Jewish friends. <br />
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To the point-ISLAM is the only religion that is adjustable to the modern world without a single word of the Quran that needs to be changed. Unless you have studied all 3 religions, you can not judge this statement. I however have studied all 3. <br />
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But this is not a war of religion. That's what it started out at first. It's a war of hatred and power, totally political. It started with just Israel and Palestine. But this war is larger now. It consists of Hezb Allah who unfortenately live in Lebanon but are controlled and funded by Iran.<br />
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There is a conspiracy behind the treatement of Palestinians which is proven and consists of a few countries who have allied with Israel but I won't go into detail of that as it is too personal and I am not here to make judgement and offend anyone.<br />
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Unfortnately in Israel and Palestine, no matter how much they want peace, (the citizens of both nations have joined forces to try and bring a stop to this nightmare), there is a group in both nations stopping this. When peace is on the agenda, these groups threaten the government and it's own people and the killings start all over again. Rabbis and sheiks have even been killed for standing against the war.<br />
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It's a sad story and there is so much stories to come from both sides. I have watched these bombings and killings live and it really makes me think what is the world coming to?

People will never "wake up" and decide to get along, that is foolish. Look at all our differences and no, getting rid of our differences will take away from what makes people unique and human.

Unfortunately Islam, Judaism, or even ethnic differences are being used as excuses in what IS simply a political issue. The governing bodies involved just can't get it together & so the people suffer...

tommytentpeg there is not much left to say as youve said it all you are 100% correct.

Religions evolve, change, and adapt or they disappear. Judaism, Christianinty, Islam, Tao...no matter. Islam is just one in a long line of religous convictions going through a challenging time as the science of man overwhelms their view of the world. For that matter, all religions are going through a difficult time as they change and adapt as knowledge increases. The founding and evolution of Islam is somewhat easier to view as it is a "young" religion when compared to the other two monotheisic religions. That all three claim Abraham as their patriarch seems to have little signifcance to the more radical elements of each's conservative communities. To be fair, when the social conditions are so poor to cause people to live in poverty and illiteracy, they have little to cling to in terms of understanding the world around them other than what someone else tells them. That generallly comes in the form of religion as most of them attempt to explain what man cannot. The middle east is engulfed in both social and politcal upheavel. A simple, conservative world view based on some ancient "scripture" for many seems to be the cure for all the worlds ills. Never mind that the conflict in the Middle East began as a political and ethnic conflict, not a religous one. There are no easy answers here. People will continue to be hurt in the name of religion until the fight "exhausts itself". And it will eventually do that...just as it did in Northern Ireland, and in Europe during the reformation and counter reformation. The slaughter of innocents is nothing new, but always repugnent. That you are concerned and dismayed is a good reflection on your character and values. Unfortunatley for the people there, not enough feel that way.

I don't know. Somehow people have to come to see that those on the others side of the border are not their enemy. We are all sisters and brothers. The life of a Palestinian child is just as sacred and precious as that of an Israeli child. And a Palestinian father who is killed creates as much pain and suffering for his family as an Israeli soldier killed. Somehow that mindset has to be changed.

I don't understand this either :( It just doesn't make a lot of sense. What will it take for peace to prevail?