Once Upon A Time

I used to be so happy. Popular. But that was in grade school. The world was normal. I had so many friends, faith in the world, love for everything. But that was then. Everything's changed since then. I'VE changed since then. I'm losing myself. It's an awful feeling. Some people say once you watch yourself go, you feel weightless. Others say that they feel pinned to the ground. I'm normal, I suppose. I'm not pinned to the ground. I'm not floating about. I'm watching myself. I walk away and I can't move. I can't catch up. Who am I? I had such confidence in myself a few years ago? What happened to me? I know where a piece of myself still is, though. It's in the arms of my best friend. My sister. The piece of me that she stole and will never give back. She hoards it to herself and tears at it. Leaving holes in my chest. I'm starting to wonder that... If I were to disappear forever... maybe I could get away from her. I don't know who I am. But i did know once. Once upon a time.
Greniad Greniad
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

....I'm.. so sorry sis..... you know I love you.. I would never ever want to hurt you... if you were to dissapear id... Id actually give up my life for u..you know my past, how close ive been to loseing it all and you were there for me. U have accepted my past.. and my now... I love you sis... if you EVER need ANYTHING I'm always here for you. Always.

I love you too. :) It's all good. No worries.