Been married for 20 years. Have 4 children whom I love.
Gave up everything of who I am as a person for my Wife and children just to be ridiculed and betrayed by these people who say they love me.

All I do is work and now I am losing my job and thus the final thing that I am I will soon lose.

Wife is a stay at home Mom. Homeschools the kids while I strive and strain to pay for it all.

Kids hate me.
Wife doesn't respect me.
$30k in credit card debt.
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41-45, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Pull chalks and get the hell out while you are broke that way you won't get child support screwed.
Sounds awful I know but if she doesn't already see that as her 'out' then you married lower than your class my friend.
As for the job, I get how that messes with your head. I spent 24 years in military and retired in 09. Found a job I hated after that but it paid the bills until I found what I wanted. Work is out there if you want it.. job will no doubt suck, pay will no doubt suck but it will keep you sharp and that is important if you are still in the work force.
Either way.. if you are that unhappy and they don't appreciate you. Pull chalks and get the hell away from the poison before it hits your blood stream and kills you.

Good Luck.