My Ultimate Submission

I have recently (twice) endured what i feel may be the ultimate submission to a far more superiorly hung male. Two women bore witness to a far better endowed guy ******* my *** while my tiny penis jiggled about. My **** felt even more pathetically small than usual in this circumstance as i lay prostrate while his big **** buggered me.
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I sucked my wife's lover and master. But what was more emasculating was when I laid across his knees and submitted to a spanking. I wasan't order to do it ,When he gestured to me I hesitated but when he looked into my eyes he knew and Diane knew and I knew that I was a ! You can pick the best word

Just being a ********** is bad enough but being a ********** in front of others is even worse. My wife liked to have me service her lovers in front of her and others. Was it worse because I have a small **** - yes

I think the most sexyest thing is for a man to give up his manhood,That is great

I did it for the vicarious thrill of SPH and was not disappointed. It has a lingering afterburn as none of the three different women who witnessed my submission to the bigger man can think of me in the same way again. I was ****** like a girl (and i admit i was moaning while it happened) in front of them and my little ***** felt like a **** and I imagine them seeing it that way as well. Since i originally posted the previous missive i have engaged in another foursome with the same couple and my gf. He ****** me again but my gf wanted me to suck his **** first. I have never sucked a **** before but again for the thrill of SPH I conceded. I was probably pretty bad at it (a bit of a choker it seems) and didnt do it until he came. I started off on my knees in front of him but then I lay on the bed as he pretty much ****** my mouth. I felt my tiny penis lying limp behind his grinding *** (and the girls eyes upon the scene) They would have witnessed my shrivelled little dink gradually become erect as I was aroused by my latest humiliation. both of the girls took turns ************ me while Richard ****** my mouth until I spurted. He then turned me over and ****** my *** and i soon got hard again. He stopped before he came then ****** both of the women while I wanked myself off.

Good boy,the woman will never think of you as a man.It's good to know your place

Richard's girlfriend Eunice had no idea the first time we hooked up for a foursome that i had such a tiny **** and she confessed that she had always seen me as a real man's man but somewhat less so after that. Then when she watched Richard **** me she said it totally wiped out any imaginings she had of me as a alpha-type macho guy. She now sees my outward confidence and alpha posturing around other guys as a mask for the fact that I am a tiny -dicked submissive. She also said that her boyfriend has been elevated from a rather beta-type effeminate male (sexy & sensual but not manly) to much more of a bull after I lay down for him.