Other Guy's Girlfriend Wants To Watch Him **** Me (again)

My girlfriend and I have engaged in a foursome with another couple. (Richard and Eunice) on a couple of occasions and once I made up the third in an mmf with them. On another adventure I ended up being the fifth wheel in waht was supposed to be a free-for-all with 2 other couples because my gf was unavailable.
In the course of one of our foursomes with Richard & Eunice i conceded to let him **** my ***. Richard is a rather effeminate bi-sexual who usually plays the role of bottom to another guy's top when he and Eunice have swung with others in the past. Eunice however found she was hugely turned on when she watched her somewhat beta-male boyfriend **** a supposedly more macho and Alpha male (myself) . She begged for it a second time when I played fifth wheel in a fivesome. Now it seems she cant get enough of it. She has recently contacted me in the hopes that her and Richard can meet up with me (and my gf if she is around) and has specifically requested that I let him do me again. Richard for his part had a preference to being the submissive before but also has gotten a thrill from being the dominant male since he ****** me the first time.
  Eunice says she loves the fact that Richards big **** looks positively gigantic compared to mine and then when her normally submissive guy comes on all macho like when he interacts with me in the bedroom it is a massive buzz for her and makes her really hot for him to **** her too beyond her normal desires.
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Me too, lucky man, very lucky