Left Out

I know that feeling left out is no where near as serious as being depressed or something like that, but feeling left out can actually get me feeling really down. For example, all of my friends have facebook, and although I don't mind them having it at all, when they talk constantly about people and things on facebook it makes me feel really left out. Also, in this situation, it makes me feel like I should join facebook, even though I don't really want to. Another situation I feel left out in, although I would never tell this to any of my friends or family, is siblings. I have an autistic brother, and I love him so much and I would never dream of complaing about him, and so I know this sounds really stupid, but whenever my friends complain about their brothers and sisters, I don't, and so I feel in a way left out. I know that it's reeeaaaaaallly stupid, but it's how I feel sometimes. x
eleanorrose123 eleanorrose123
13-15, F
Aug 1, 2010