The Tagalong

Ever since i was little i always felt like i haven't fit in with many people. I always had a "group" of girls to sit with at church or lunch at school, but outside of that i felt like noone really wanted to come hang out or play with me. In the groups, they would talk about plenty of things and when i went to say something they'd kinda look at me for a moment then go back to talking among themselves. So instead i became a space filler that gave very little feedback. i got invited to birthdays on ocassion, and a few came to mine. the older i got the more excuses people made. I did nothing for my 16th or 18th birthday, i HAD something planned for my 21st-go to a club and drink. EVERYONE cancelled on me.

being 24 now, i'm trying to get better at socializing but it's still very hard for me. But sadly i still don't hold my breath when people say "we'll go do something sometime."
Shokliva Shokliva
22-25, F
1 Response Oct 9, 2012

I know that feeling sometimes if you ever want to talk I willing to listen its what I do hehe cool hair btw :)

just a cat hat. and yeah that would be nice.