So I'm at the age when a lot of friends are getting married or engaged.  I just found out through a friend that another friend just got engaged to her college sweetheart.  It's so cute and I'm so happy for them.  They're the perfect match.  Seriously.  If you saw this couple you would say the same thing.  They are so perfect for each other, it's pretty darn amazing.  

And with everybody getting married and engaged, I feel left out...sometimes.  I don't go out anymore.  I'm not even interested in getting into relationships, but even with that, I still feel left out.  I don't have single friends who'd go out with me, anyway.  All the friends I have only want to spend time with their man or their woman, and damn, if I were that happy with my partner, that's all I would want to do too so I don't blame them.

Actually, scratch that part about feeling left out only sometimes.  I feel left out a lot.  

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I feel the same and understand completely. What's infuriating is the clich├ęs people say like 'it will happen one day' blah blah blah. That is unhelpful and doesn't solve how you are feeling. It makes me a bitter person the more I hear about others getting their happily ever after moments and makes me feel like a bad person because it hasn't happened to me and makes me question why. I have lost friends over my bitterness.

lol happy hour's at 6pm on Saturday. I'll see you there

Well, i'm an old widower whose not doing anything this Saturday. What time is happy hour? lol

(((hugs))) thank you :) for the most part, I'm cool with being single. Overall, I'm happy with my life and I try to stay as positive as I can with everything. It's just that I can't help but miss all the companionship and the "I love yous" and the comfy Saturday nights on the sofa under a blanket watching movies and being happy doing absolutely nothing with that person you love<br />
<br />
I need single people to go out to bars with me :P

Everybody loves somebody sometime. Your time will come, be patient.

awe- one of these days your knight in shining armour will be to get you-hugs