Infieriority Complex

I have always had an infieriority complex. Whether it's true or not, I always feel like everyone's better than me somehow. I don't know how to get past that feeling. It runs very deep. I'm very down on myself. I constantly put myself down. I know I'm not that great, but it would nice if I could find something positive about myself or not really care about what others think. I always feel like I'm going to be judged if I say anything or do anything so I do as little as possible. I also get depressed around people who seem to have it all together so I don't even want to be around anyone most of the time. It sucks and I feel trapped and often lonely. It's definitely something I need to work on.
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Think happy thoughts, say something you love about yourself - these have NEVER worked for me - I always feel like the ugliest fattest person in the room. I make the jokes 1st so i beat others to it. I see people heavier than me and I can see positives in them that I cannot find in myself. I see a mirror I just want to break it. Self loathing and hatred is a vicous cycle and very hard to break. And beauty within - I don't feel beautiful inside or out. I have no idea why I exist. I just don't think saying I love you to yourself in the mirror even works for half of people like us out there. The only comfort I found today is that there are more people who feel like this than I realized.

Tell me about it.....

I know exactly what you mean! Even if I say something right and someone else disagrees, then I immediately feel that I was wrong. Everybody says 'think positive' but it is sooo hard to and I have tried it but it has never worked for me. I even went to courses to try and improve my self confidence and self esteem but back in the real world, I feel so worthless... I don't feel like there is a purpose to my existence. I don't how to escape this cycle of negativity...

Take time to work on projects for yourself sometimes. Instead of worrying about what other's are to you see what you are to yourself. <br />
What are you good at that you can work on in your own time and build upon? I think everyone is not as together as you would think. The thing is many people just act like it because, well, it's the thing to do. <br />
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I think your probably a beautiful person deep down inside that needs to love themself a bit more. Believe me no one's got it all together, if only you could be the fly on the wall.<br />
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LOL, Peace....Oracle

Unfortunately, if you keep "running that negative tape" in your head about how unworthy you are, you will likely never get over your inferiority complex. Try only saying positive things about yourself and tell yourself you are worthy. I takes constant work to convince ourselves we are worthy but remember, you are worthy because Jesus loves you. I know, I know, most people would roll their eyes with that last sentence, but can you argue a topic if you haven't any experience with the subject matter?