I Do Tend to Think Very Little...

I do tend to think very little about myself. I just feel that anyone can do better and anyone can be better then me. I try to be so much and do so much for people but it never seems to be enough. It's so easy to guilt trip me and get anything out of me. I wish it wasn't so easy but it seems so easy for people to make me feel bad. I don't understand. In my head I'll fight them. I'll mentally tell them that they really don't have it all that bad, That I have been through so much worse. It doesn't matter though. That's only my head talking. It's not what I really say. I could never say half of the things that I think. It would make me feel horrible to express how I feel.
Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 22, 2007

No no no I beg to differ *kneels and begs*. You are intelligent, funny and pretty! .People around you cannot define you; you define yourself. Do not let other jealous people bring you down! In our heads we all want to be strong; we all are strong in our heads; just let it show! . I do not blame you for anything, I'm supporting you. I know that freeing your mind from thoughts that has been locked in is soothing, trust me! You go girl, show them who you are; don't let them use you! Good luck!