I Associate!

Yeah, i was just reading psycheme's story and I feel exactly the way she does. I like being in control of thing's knowing what happens.

Being with other people causes one to completely lose control. There IS no reset buttons or save points to revert to. You get one chance, when you screw it up, Game Over.

That's why when things happen i tend to assume the worst. Whenever something happens i do it at the spur of the moment, for want of time to consider my move. After I finally do, whatever it is, I look back hours later and I'm usually like

"Damn, I should have done this/that/something else"

I look at other people and i wonder if they responded well to whatever I did. At the same time i watch as they seem to get on perfectly fine with other people. I can't read minds and I may probably never know what impressions I have formed in the lives of others by a particular action of mine.
typeyourname typeyourname
18-21, M
Jul 2, 2007