Death Of A Friendship

The title has two meanings. I have just lost a good friend who passed away three weeks ago. The other meaning is the passing of a friendship as I have put up for the last time the behaviour of two people who claimed to be my friends, but have let me down again and again.

I have posted a blog about a 'friend' who made a pass at my husband last year then was so nasty to me. She denied doing and saying anything. Her twin sister backed her up even though my husband agreed about her coming on to him. It did settle down a bit and we all agreed to move on.

When the late friend passed away, the one who had been after my husband rang to say they had sat with her all night until she passed. The other sister said they hadn't been there and got to the hospital after the friend died!, which was true. Why the lie??? We then found out the late friend had been in a coma for two days and they hadn't rang to tell us.They had called other people who had been her friend. They did not ring her sisiter in law though and she is very angry with them.

Then they were supposed to keep us in the loop about the funeral details and didn't. I found out via my own family from the local paper. They were really snotty with me when  I asked them why they hadn't phoned

I also found out from my mother in law that out late friend had been seriously ill for several weeks. The 'friend' had called someone MiL knew and she mentioned it to her. MiL knew all the details, I knew nothing. My MiL barely knew the late friend.

I hadn't seen the late friend for a while as we live some distance apart. I cannot believe that were so mean as to withhold this from me.

Now, the one who was after my husband is ringing the widower every night and offereing to sit with him in the evenings. This is sick!

This is the final straw/ If a mutual friends illness and death did not move them to be decent pals, they are not worth knowing!!!!!






Siouxiesioux Siouxiesioux
Mar 14, 2010