The Journey

   My first marriage, loved my husband, had two wonderful children,thought I would live my life with this person....5 yrs later ... turn the page and I'm divorced with two children and the man I thought I would live my life with ,is my best friend only now. No regrets... turn the page, met my soul mate, had another child, he had 3 from a previous marriage, so now I have 6 children. Had our ups and downs but always had love and respect.many events and loses through our 27 yrs,many pages and chapters turned. My husband and friend died two years ago,Another page turned,it has been hard to start this new chapter in my life , but without a doubt I know the out come of this journey is up to me and I'm full of hope for the future.  thankful for all the blessings

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You seem like such a smart woman. Life is full of changes, and you have to adapt. All the time. I'm in my 2nd and last marriage, and I wish I had never gotten remarried. I have adapted, sorta, for her lack of desire for me. But it still hurts.

Well written,......well lived through. When one knows thru the ob<x>jective 24 hour fastings that is in Mary's and my one short blog, titled "Awesome Days",......when learns the proof of the eternal dimensions of this "journey..........real bodies that can eat and be touched like the risen Saviour. And He did not say that there was no marriage in heaven,......only that the children of the "World",........."worldly",.....not those who develop into the sons of daughters of God. Yes, for the righteous overcomers.,......... marriage has an eternal dimension,......with real physical bodies,........only perfect.

ColorMeReal, it's friends like you and so many more that have helped me to move on and get into this new chapter of my life with hope and anticipation. Ditto, my friend..

Grams, I am glad your journey brought you here. It is my pleasure to call you friend.

gingerbear, I guess learning to make the best of our circumstances is all we can do. Always remember to try to find the good in things, and make lemonade with those lemons...

Journey, sums it up pretty well, we got the beginning and the end which could come anytime and everthing in between. People come and go some stay with us hopefully until death. Change is inevitable and something we might struggle with. We are so lucky to live in such great free countries - millions of people are tortured, starving, suffering wars and dying from unnessesary disease. We must make the most we can out of every day on earth.

Yes Lets have Coffee.....LOL My place or your's?

I am still unfamilar with this website, and I don't get on this page often, Today I happen to have a few hours to read. I was brousing around and came across this "stories" part and I was reading thru some of your stories and noticed this one. I haven't said so in any of our chats but I can relate even tho my "phases/stages" in my life are different than yours they are similar in many ways with an exception of a few things you noted here. Mine are reversed sort of. We will have to sit and talk about it sometime. So many memories, so many good things but yet saddness comes with it too, wish we could elimate that part. Wishing you the best of blessings in this part of your "Journey" hugs to you.

You are so right, how wonderful and precious each and every one is too...