My First Week

I have had my first week being nude at home.
I am naked from when I get in the door until I leave for work the following morning and stayed nude for the entire weekend and a day off work.
It first I was aware of my nudity now it seems natural and I feel the relationship between me and my boyfriend has gone to a new level. He is more affectionate, more tactile and more protective of me which I love. He looks at me and notices my body and I love to relax and 'accidentally' show myself off I love the feeling of him looking at me!
For me, I feel so feminine and my man seems in control and I love it.
I also find it quite arousing, the cool air on my naked body and knowing that all of my body is exposed for him to see /touch at any time.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

ummm,, i dont have a man (or girl) but I get what your saying :) thanks

Enjoy it.