Life Is At A Standstill

My husband have been going through some hard times and it seems like nothing is working out. We are both unemployed and are both actively seeking work but are not having any luck finding work. An opportunity came up for both of us to start working at the same place on the same shift, and the man told us we would both be starting soon, the opportunity would be perfect because we only have one vehicle. I called him last Monday and he said we would start that week or early this week and still nothing. He said he would call us when we can start working, so I cant keep calling them. I was attending college and due to losing my job I had to quit class; my husband and I were going to move to South Carolina to live with my husbands brother, and work on finding jobs down there, a day after I cancelled my classes at the college, my husbands brother called and said we couldn't move there because he lost his job that day. Right now things are getting really hard for us financially, were close to losing our apartment and car, and the rest of the bills keep piling up. The landlord just shut the heat off on us yesterday, and its really cold in the apartment now. We are both wanting a positive change to happen but nothing is working out. It honestly feels like life is waving a candy bar in our faces and when we go to grab it life hurry's up and snags it away.
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2 Responses Nov 18, 2010

It all turns...have faith.

Boy, when it rains it pours, huh? Sorry to hear about your situation......been there a few times....bounced back every time! Every little set back should be taken as experience. Remain positive and positive things will happen!