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Everything Good Seems To Happen To Other People....

And I look at my 43 year old aunt who is single, no friends and still living at home and I have a sharp reminder of how I could end up. I don't think she is happy. I think she has simply given up on life and if I ever get like that or end up like her, I would rather not live.
I am 25 and feel under so much pressure to marry, find the perfect partner, have my own home, have a thriving social life and lots of friends and to be in a job which earns me loads of money. Most people I know have all those things, people my age and I wonder where I am going so wrong as I have NONE of those things. I feel so embarrassed about my life and worry all the time that people will get to know me and then ask me about my personal life and think me a freak when they know the truth.
I dread birthdays as each year that passes means I am a year older and running out of more time to be normal and do the things that other people my age are doing.
I am a good person and friendly towards others so I don't know where I am going so wrong. I am clearly doing something wrong though and it makes me feel SO angry at myself.
The thing is, you can try and make things happen by taking up opportunities and chatting to people to make friends but nothing is guaranteed in life. Whatever I do, whatever new thing that I try, somehow I can't help but think that I will end up alone and that kills me.
Jenni855 Jenni855 26-30, F 3 Responses Jun 16, 2011

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I feel the same sometimes. <br />
<br />
Are there ways to make life easier and would you take them if you know there are?

Yeah because it's that easy isn't it? Some people don't get everything thrown into their laps and have to work for EVERY single thing that everyone else finds so easy to get. Don't imply I am not trying, that makes me really angry.

didn't say it's easy. I'm pretty much in a similar situation. But I think if you at least know, beyond any doubt, what exactly it is you want to get in life, you must be at least a bit enthusiastic and hopeful, which is way better than where I am.
I'm in survival mode right now.

lol. u are crazy. "normal" is what you believe it if you really want all those things that others have, then what you wrote makes sense.<br />
If you don't, you might be feeling that life is passing you by because you don't go after the things you want.