I Can Be A Jerk

People tell me that I'm a good person and a lot of the time it makes me cringe because I know its not true. For example, I don't know why but for some reason people feel comfortable confiding in me about things, I think because I pretend to listen. Don't get me wrong I do listen sometimes and sometimes I do care, but most of the time I'll listen for a minute then completely tune the person out and wander around in lala land until they're done yammering and we can move on. I feel like a bad person because most of the time I don't care about other peoples problems. I pretend to, but I don't. I just really don't want to hear about them or get involved or put forth the effort to pretend to care and be saddened and sympathetic about it. Does this make me a bad person? Because I feel like a total ***** for it sometimes.

I also don't do things with the best intentions. 

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1 Response Dec 11, 2009

I think it's OK, rlly. The main thing those people needed is to get something off their chest - they've done it. <br />
Don't worry, you little bastard ;)